19 years to meet the needs of the musical and cultural press.

The Analysis of the Situation:
Marketing of artists, festivals, musical venues, theatres...repositioning of how they are perceived.

Reflection on the strategy and retro-schedule of actions:
Press relations, press conferencies, breakfasts, lunches, aperitives for presentations, press journeys…

Development of a targeted media file selected from a database of 4200 journalists:
Research on the national and regional press, generalist broadcast and fm, TV, websites.

The design of the press kit and press releases from the editorial and visual elements that you send us with a hierarchy of information and a strong message.

The potential setting-up of a visual brand with the help of a graphic designer : layout and printing after agreement.

The search for partnerships within the media (press, broadcast, tv, web).

The mailing of press releases with supporting CDs, DVDs...

The selection of the most relevant photos sent to journalists via e-mails.(300 DPI)

Calling journalists and organising the press meetings.

Regular mailings to the press with added and updated information.

The organisation of interviews on radios, TV, press... according to schedules of availabilities.

The monitoring of invitations at concerts, opening evenings, press conferences...

The setting-up of a regular report (weekly or monthly according to the event) by e-mail, with the latest critics and releases enclosed as soon as they are received.

The setting-up of the press review in order to deliver a complete press book (with the critics of the press, broadcast, tv and on-line).


Individualized estimation on demand according to your expectations and your budget:

One shot press services (1 month):
micro-tours on concerts, show cases...

Ponctual press services (monitoring from 3 to 4 months):
album releases, DVD, concerts, films...

Steadily press service (6 month):
festivals, album releases, tours, venues

Annual press service:
artistic monitoring (album release + the dates of tours), labels, musical venues, theater…