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The Flea Market Paris / Saint-Ouen

The Flea Market Paris / Saint-Ouen

Seven hectares and 2,000 exhibitors across the Flea Market.

Today fifteen markets exist within Paris Flea Market: Vernaison, Biron, Serpette Malik, Paul Bert, Jules Valles, Malassi, Dauphine ... Some are covered, other are open and full of heterogeneous goods of all ages and all countries. At the flea market, you can hunt for antiques or classic luxury goods such as restored furniture, paintings, bronzes, works of art or tapestries, mirrors, lamps, dishes ... There are also old records, prints, children's toys, posters, books, photographs and other unusual objects. You can buy clothes, shoes, and vintage or trendy fashion accessories

Knowledgeable public , or original walks fans, the Flea Market fills all preferences and responds to all expectations.