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« Voyages & Friends » by Manuel Wandji Buda Musique/Universal

« Voyages & Friends » by Manuel Wandji Buda Musique/Universal

Release date:
April 2013

Franco-Cameroonian blond rasta, full of African cultures and modern groove, Manuel Wandji miscegenation pegged to the soul and body. Star Cameroon, Japan recognized in Europe, his music goes around the world.


The singer-dancer & percussionist is primarily an accomplished composer who enriched his musical planet according to his meetings ... "Voyages & friends" is an album born from his travels and meetings on 3 continents (France, Cameroon and New York) with some prestigious guests such as Manu Dibango or beat boxer Kenny Muhammad. Original mix of urban sounds and ethnic influences, his music has also inspired many choreographers (Pina Bausch, Merlin Nyakam, Accrorap Co., Georges Co. Momboye ...).


The extra DVD offers the opportunity to follow in all its trajectories and creations. Wandji manual is a generous performer and inventive colors constantly world around him !

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